The Green Team:

All Green Courier fleet vehicles are owned and insured by the company and maintained in the Green Courier state-of-the-art onsite technical facility. The vehicles all display the distinctive Green Courier livery and all of the fully trained operators of these vehicles are well presented in distinctive company uniform and carry personal identification. A breakdown of the fleet vehicles is as follows:


The original zero-emission vehicle. Green Courier operates one of the largest bicycle fleets in the country. Covering all areas of central London, this is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport for delivering envelopes and documents around the business centre of the capital. In addition to pedal power, Green Courier has also invested in electric bicycles, costing less than a penny to charge from a standard plug and delivering a greater range and speedier service than a conventional bicycle. Electric bicycles also have the added advantage of satellite tracking functionality due to the on-board power supply.



Green Courier uses motorcycles purpose-built by Honda that have been designed with low-impact environmental activity in mind. Green Courier motorcycles are a significant departure from the conventional courier bike, producing less than half the emissions allowed under current Euro 3 motorcycle standards and returning upwards of 80 mpg, thus reducing the carbon footprint further.

Goods Vehicles

Green Courier has invested in a large fleet of ultra-low emission goods vehicles that emit a minuscule 89g/KM in CO2 in addition to returning over 70mpg. This compares favourably with the more commonly used hybrid vehicles marketed today.



Small Vans

Green Courier boasts a large fleet of small vans of which an ever-increasing proportion is made up of zero-emission electric powered vehicles, which further bolsters the company’s environmental credentials. Green Courier is the first UK courier company to utilise the Mia U for commercial use. The 95% recyclable, zero-emission electric van.The remainder of the fleet are ultra-low emission or LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) powered, which is also environmentally friendly. Green Courier continually monitors for up-to-date developments in environmentally-friendly vehicles in this sector.


Large Vans

Green Courier has Short Wheelbase and Long Wheelbase Transit vans and Luton vans with tail-lifts available for the delivery of large consignments, including palletised goods. These vehicles are a very effective way of moving a range of large/multiple consignments in a timely fashion. The nature of larger vehicles like this means that journey numbers can be minimised, thereby keeping whole-consignment emissions and costs down. Green Courier continually monitors for up-to-date developments in more environmentally-friendly vehicles in this sector.